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P91 Concerns | Creep Rupture | EPRI | ASME SA335/ASTM A335 P91

Steve Tralie  April 1 2013 04:33:21 PM
Creep Rupture, tight Nickel levels, Nitrogen to Aluminum Ratio, no Delta Ferrite requirements, Brinell Hardness, Fatigue Cracking from Thermal Cycling are all issues affecting P91 and/or P22 material that are on the mind of power professionals around the world.  

U. S. Metals
has now added, to our globally recognized Seamless ASME SA335/ASTM A335 P91 inventory, material that will meet the requirements of the EPRI "Guidelines and Specifications for High-Reliability Fossil Power Plants". This EPRI document is a "Best Practice Guideline for Manufacturing and Construction of Grade 91 Components".  

You can also click on the “Ask U. S. Metals” page in our web site if you have a specific question or requirement that needs to be addressed such as:
  • Market information, (Where are the prices going in the next 12 months),
  • Mill delivery information (How is an uptick in activity out of Southeast Asia, China, India and Africa going to affect my project lead times on Specialty Alloy Pipe, Valves & Fittings).

We will get an answer for you on whatever question you may have.  

U. S. Metals will publish a Specialty Alloy market trend/delivery trend and manufacturing periodical on a monthly or quarterly basis. If possible, I would like some feedback on issues that affect your project and/or operating facility that you would like to see addressed. Issues that you would like updates on when it comes to "High Energy / Critical Piping Systems" and P91, P92, P22 & P11 in general.  

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Courtesy of EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute) and U. S. Metals, is a link to this document EPRI "Guidelines and Specifications for High-Reliability Fossil Power Plants".

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